30 Minutes in Omaha

Well… this was the Omaha tiny house we were planning on staying in . Cute right? Unfortunately our first attempt at tiny living was cut short by a scary afternoon and evening. It started quickly after we had walked inside the house. We noticed that Remy was acting malaise. He wasn’t his normal playful self. We thought, maybe he was over heated.. so we moved him over near the tiny ac unit. Didn’t seem to help. We soon realized that his head was moving in a circular motion. Quickly putting him on the ground to see if he could walk, he was unable to. He was bumping into walls and fumbling over his feet. We quickly drove to Pets Mart and met with a veterinarian to get some answers.

After some blood work, and a thorough check, the vet informed us that everything checked out. Looking at his symptoms, he was concerned there may be something more serious. He was concerned that maybe there was a problem with his brainstem. Made sense because his central nervous system was definitely in disarray. The vet urged us to go to an emergency veterinarian hospital. The closest emergency vet hospital’s were Denver, an 8 hour drive, and Kansas. We quickly made the decision to head to Kansas. Informing our Air BNB of our predicament, we quickly hit the interstate. Three hours later, we met with 3 doctors at Kansas State University.


By this time Remy’s symptoms had completely absolved. The doctors preceded to inform us that symptoms that disappear like this most likely were caused by Remy ingesting a toxin. They told us that they saw no concern for further tests, and told us to monitor him and come back in the morning if his symptoms returned. The most awesome thing about our visit to Kansas was the doctors came and observed him and gave us advice for free. The huge bill I was imagining in my head, floated as quickly away as did Remy’s symptoms. Relieved we booked a hotel nearby and rested easy. Well kinda…no one told us how loud the coyotes screamed in Kansas. Or how they have been known to eat dogs….great.


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