Potato Land is Grand

Week 1 in our new habitat. 

This pretty little canyon was two hours outside of Boise. A stop at the canyon wasn’t in our original plan, but ended up being a pleasant surprise.

We are hoping to make a day trip back here to do some paddle boarding.


Our land lord told us about the Boise State Fair and we couldn’t pass it up. A rather small Fair, but it wasn’t lacking in any of the crowd favorites.

This was Stephanie’s first Ferris Wheel Ride. To our regret the swings ride after was a poor choice. The swings turned both of our stomach upside down. Whats our age again??

This goat was hilarious. He would stand on his back legs and rest his front hooves on the gate. He was trying to get the attention of anyone who would pass by. For a large fellow, he was quite gentle. Stephanie  and I were rather cautious when petting him, but we witnessed children younger then ten hugging and kissing the goat. We watched in awe. I hope one day to be so trusting.

First Hike: Table Rock 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The blackened, charred mountain wasn’t always like this. Earlier this summer some punk kids decided to shoot fireworks off the top and one caught the mountain on fire. In the foothills, there is a strict no fireworks policy. Due to the drought and the dry earth, these hills were engulfed in flames within 2 hours.


Luckily the cross on top survived. The top of the mountain was breathtaking. Literally. Being from Virginia, these altitudes made hiking quite the strenuous exercise. But the view was worth it.

Everyone we talked to about Boise encouraged us to visit the farmers market. So our first Saturday in Boise we made the 5 minute trek. The streets were bustling. Local craftsmen and farmers lined the streets with goodies. The vegetables tasty, the flowers colorful and the city…quite manageable. Very surprised how small the city is.


Hike Number 2: Hulls Gulch


So many of our photos have a haze to them. Not only is there a hug fire about an hour over the mountains, but another fire broke out just outside of the city today.


Hulls Gulch was a hike unlike others we had done before. There wasn’t a particular summit to reach, but we were in a higher elevation so we could see the city below. The trail was dusty and winded through the mountaneous foothills. The trails had mostly mountain bikers on them, making for an interesting hike because the trail path was skinny.


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