Glacier National Park



I don’t think we had in mind just how much prep work and research would go into this trip.

  1. Six hours at REI discussing, learning and analyzing different products and methods.
  2. Hours researching the park and planning our route.
  3. Many trips to the store trying to find non perishable food.
  4. 2 interviews with Dog watchers on
  5. Finally, the 10 hour drive turned into 12 thanks to google maps.

Being new to all things camping, we were at the mercy of this sweet old outdoorsmen at REI. Apparently there are many factors to take into consideration when buying supplies for camping. Knowing how quickly Stephanie and I make decisions, it was inevitable that six hours later we would walk out with our gear. Did I mention this was the first of 3 trips there we would take before our trip. I’ll go into how well the gear did in a later posts, but I do find it interesting how much REI pushes its brand.

Survival/ Bear Grylls Gear:

  1. Tent with Two Vestibules. (funny word)
  2. Footprint to prevent “some” water from getting inside.
  3. 2 -inflatable camp mattresses. (Needs to be insulated to prevent cold)
  4. Medical Kit equipped with all things medical.
  5. 2 -Bear bells because Bears are allergic to annoying.
  6. 2- 20 degree sleeping bags..capable of zipping together for twice the body heat
  7. Headlamp in case we get lost in a cave
  8. Lantern for ambiance
  9. Bear Spray to keep the bears fresh
  10. Finally, our water reservoir equipped with everything you need to increase back pain.

Day 1: First Stop, Lake McDonald!


The funny thing about being in the middle of nowhere is we actually had to use maps. No cell phone service meant we would follow in the steps of our ancestors. We almost had to use a compass. Lake McDonald didn’t disappoint. The campground…well getting a campground was a learning process.


From something beautiful to something well…not so beautiful… We found the most beautiful campsite right near the lake. We thought the stars had aligned and favor was once again upon God’s children. We quickly learned that there was a note on the campsite that served as the law of the campers. If one put a piece of paper on a piece of metal and left, the campsite was theres. Don’t think I didn’t contemplate sending that piece of paper floating into the river. We eventually settled at a much more crowded campsite, very close to the lodge. Tired, we began our first campsite construction.

I failed to inform the reader that I actually did watch a video on the tent assembly before we arrived…it didn’t help. Stephanie and I had quite the tif over the tents proper assembly. After an hour I think the tent was functional…aesthetically… not optimal. The second day went much smoother…luckily it only started raining the second night. Not sure our first tent assembly would have withstood the storm.

Day 2: Going-to-the-Sun Road

The windy, steep, and little bit scary road through east Glacier known as Going-to-the-Sun Road was quite spectacular. I can’t imagine how much dynamite was used to carve this road through and around the rockies. Its hard to describe the splendor and put into words the size and magnitude of this place. Pictures don’t do it justice its something that needs to be experienced first hand.

Stay tuned to find out what happens to the farmer family as they move deeper into the wilderness that is Glacier National Park.



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