Hidden Lake

The climb to hidden lake was slow, I think in part due to our dinner procrastination. It wasn’t long before both Stephanie and I felt the hungry and the hangry set in. We went off trail a bit..(not allowed) and sat on a rock to eat. Mid-way through our rice medley, I learned the reason we use tables to eat.  Before I had time to react our dinner was now one with the dirt. We quickly did what any kid would have done in a similar situation, looked to see who saw, and pretended like it wasn’t us and trailed on.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

For clarification, the above picture is not Hidden Lake. This was the appetizer.


#windblown #halfwaythere


Incredible shot by my Stephanie. So surreal. #backgroundworthy


We met this amazing couple at the top of Hidden Lake. The two were Montanians and were both very pleasant people. The gentlemen told me that all the mountains we saw in Glacier were climbable. I preceded to ask….HOW??? He said although they look insurmountable steep, through closer investigation the mountains were quite climable. He said he along with some friends had climbed to the summit of most with minimal equipment…. Maybe free climbing will be our next trip. img_2629






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