Waterton, Canada


The trip up to Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park came a day early. The morning of September 11 the sky decided to cry with our nation remembering the tragedy that was 9/11. We awoke to heavy rain and gusty winds. Touching the lower corner of the tent with my toes, I could feel that our tents footprint wasn’t quite doing its job. I felt the cold of a pool of rainwater that had formed in the corners of our tent. Stephanie and I looked at each other and we knew that our plans had changed. Instead of heading to Many Glacier, we packed our things and headed north towards the Canadian border. As we approached the border, the rain had shifted to snow. The higher in elevation, the more snow. It was quite the treat. For once in our lives, Winter had come early. Stephanie was feeling quite connected to her Canadian roots and was loving the snow capped forests stretching for miles.


dsc_0200Processed with VSCO with m3 presetdsc_0192dsc_0195

Upon arriving to the park we were in awe as we closed in on a hotel at the base of the mountain range. Prince Wales Hotel, built in the early 20th century, transported you to times gone by. The snowy weather, and the warm rustic lobby, makes on want to just curl up with a book and take breaks gazing out at the wonder of the scenery. Knowing that our tent wasn’t ideal for snowy weather, we decided to splurge and book a room for the night. The accommodations weren’t by any means five star, but the view and experience made the difference. After we had explored all there was around the hotel we decided drive Red Rock Scenic highway. It continued to snow most of the day. We tried our best to capture the scene but it seems our cameras shutter speed was no match for the fast moving flakes.

dsc_0158Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Besides the scenery, the drive is known for seeing wildlife. We drove at a snails pace most of the way and were unable to spot anything.  I think the snow and fog made it more difficult. At the end of the drive you arrive at red rock canyon. Not quite as large as other canyons seen on our trip, but still worth the drive. The remainder of this day was spent at a bar in downtown Waterton. These new campers were exhausted and enjoyed having a warm meal and some much needed drinks. The following day will be the much anticipated Many Glacier which some say is the best part of Glacier National Park.


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