Day 5: Final Glacier Hike

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On the final day of our trip,we decided to do one more morning hike. Both Stephanie and I wanted to see the exquisite blue of a glacier lake, so we felt motivated to prolong our departure. It was a 7.6 mile hike. It started off slow, as we passed through beautiful alpine meadows. After a few miles, the elevation began to change dramatically. Looking ahead, you could see the trail wind up the mountain.

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We passed over many waterfalls, and climbed a few nature made stairs. Being at the end of summer and still warm, the waterfalls weren’t by any means treacherous. The higher we climbed, the better the view became.





At about 3.2 miles we arrived at a small rest stop. The stop was our first experience with a pit toilet. Although a welcomed convenience, it still served as a reminder to just how far we were from modern convenience. This rock pyramid was interesting, pretty sure its man made. It made for an epic shot as we sat and caught our breath. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

It was discomforting to learn just how quickly these glaciers are disappearing in Glacier National Park. What a natural wonder, and to come to grips with the fact that we are the main contributers to its demise is convicting. After the hike our ETA to arrive back in Boise was 5am. Knowing myself and my inability to drive late at night, we opted for hole in the wall hotel somewhere in Montana. Although not ideal our decision to stay longer was totally worth it.


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