Bye Bye Boise

As our final day in Boise approaches, I wanted a post reflecting our time here. Our likes, dislikes and everything in between. The city of Boise was quite surprising in many aspects. Being a smaller, growing city it was quite manageable. It seemed to have the flair and health consciousness of  progressive cities, with the hometown, hospitable atmosphere of small town America. Being our first city in our travel nursing adventure, it made for an easy transition from Virginia. img_2908

Artwork by LadyBug Press, Boise Idaho

My wife and I would take daily walks in a neighborhood located near our apartment, and we were both surprised by how friendly people were. Throughout our three month here, we spoke with more than 10 separate families. Many offered their backyards to our dogs, some gave us vegetables and others gave us great conversations and pointers to navigating the area.


One of the more disappointing things about our trip was that we missed the Spirit of Boise Balloon classic where hundreds of multicolored, hot air filled balloons take to the sky. It unfortunately fell on a night that Stephanie had to work. 😦 Things we did lots of were hikes. Being so close to the Sawtooth Mountains, hiking seemed to be Boise’s pastime. Not really but, hikes were everywhere.



Most of our hike were done within a few hours of the city.




One of the hardest things about Boise was its dry, barren, and dusty landscape. When we first arrived a 13,000 acre fire was burning a few miles past Idaho City. Idaho City is about an hour outside of Boise. The smoke and smog from the fire hung around during our first month. The backdrop of the mountains behind the city, was blurred for most of our first month in the city. Being from Virginia, the dryness and lack of precipitation was hard to acclimate to.


For Remy I think his favorite part was the dog park we visited on the daily. A face full of dirt was a must! dsc_0615dsc_0665


Overall Boise was a rare gem in an otherwise uninhabitable landscape. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find ourselves here again…. who knows maybe for another three months.



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