Asheville NC

Our very first trip together as an engaged couple was to Asheville North Carolina. Taken around Christmas, our main goal was to see the Biltmore in its holiday splendor. But spending the day tooling around Asheville was quite delightful.


The house pictured above was our first experience with AirBnb. Little did we know that a year later we would be using this company to help us travel across America. Our stay was cozy. We loved being on the second floor, looking out of the bay window at the surrounding mountain ranges.


In every new city you always have to make sure you consume as much ice cream as you can stomach. Sugar is the engine that drives tourism in America. Keep the machine going.


Oh the Biltmore! America’s beautiful tribute to the Robber Barron’s of the mid 19th century. With all of its extravagance, it makes for a pretty festive place to throw a Christmas Party. We unfortunately weren’t allowed to take photos inside the mansion.


Little did we know that hiking in Asheville was pretty epic. Our first hike together set off a shared passion for the outdoors.



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