Hello, San Francisco

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from the Farmers. Its been almost 2 months since our last posting…. so I guess its time catch everyone up!


Our transition into San Francisco has brought with it all the feels . I think our dogs transition has been the most graceful. With the beach a few blocks away, they now have an enormous sand box to call their own. Remy can finally dig the sandcastle he always dreamed about, and Lucy can once again be reunited with her drug of choice…”ball.”


I wouldn’t say Stephanie’s and I transition has been all to graceful. Although Steph’s nursing job has been easier with the California Unions, we have found traffic and ease of daily life to be difficult. But as the days pass, we are surprised just how quickly we are getting use to everything.



Our apartment and its location within the city has been a true blessing. We are about as far away from downtown as one could get and still be considered inside of San Francisco. We are in the Outer Richmond District about 3 blocks away from the Pacific Ocean. With the ocean that close, and miles of hiking trails at our doorstep, its hard to rationalize ever leaving. You will find us most days either walking along the beach with the dogs, or blending in with the many tourists near Sutro Bathes and Lands End Trail.



Being able to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean has been incredible. Its like the perfect stamp to finalize the culmination of each day here in the West. With our daily adventures being minimal in San Francisco, I’m going to post some of our first trips together on the blog.


Some would say traveling across country with a puppy may be quite the challenge. Well, rest assured, this 7 month old puppy never missed an opportunity to sleep in the car.


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